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Green Wealth

Neo Hair Lotion 120ml Price In Pakistan

Neo Hair Lotion 120ml Price In Pakistan

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Neo Hair Lotion Green Wealth Made in Thailand 100% Original

Green Wealth Neo Hair Lotion is easy to use. Simply apply a few drops to the scalp and massage in. The lotion is non-greasy and does not leave any residue behind. It is recommended to use the lotion twice daily for best results. Green Wealth Neo Hair Lotion is safe for all hair types and is suitable for both men and women. It is also free of harsh chemicals and fragrances.

Here are some of the benefits of using Green Wealth Neo Hair Lotion 120ml:

  • Promotes hair growth
  • Reduces hair loss
  • Strengthens hair
  • Prevents hair breakage
  • Hydrates the scalp
  • Reduces dandruff
  • Soothes the scalp

Neo Hair Lotion for Natural Anti Hair Fall Growth

Green Wealth Neo Hair Lotion 120ml is a popular hair loss treatment that is made with a blend of natural ingredients, including:

Cucumis melo extract: This extract is rich in vitamin B, which is essential for hair growth.
Ginseng extract: Ginseng has been shown to improve blood circulation to the scalp, which can help to promote hair growth and reduce hair loss.
Saw palmetto extract: Saw palmetto extract has been shown to block the effects of dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a hormone that can cause hair loss.
Equisetum arvense extract: This extract is rich in silica, which helps to strengthen hair and prevent breakage.
Coconut oil: Coconut oil is a natural moisturizer that can help to hydrate the scalp and reduce dandruff.
Honey: Honey has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that can help to soothe the scalp and promote hair growth.

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